About Us

Moo Cow Ice Cream opened its doors in 2011, churning and scooping awesome, house-churned artisan ice cream in Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Located in a vintage 50s repurposed gas station in the village area, Moo Cow has built a strong reputation and loyal following with both locals and tourists alike.

Moo Cow Ice Cream

Tourists say that coming to Moo Cow is part of their family vacation tradition.

“They often tell me that Moo Cow is their first stop when they first get here, and it’s their last stop before leaving, to soften the blow of vacation being over. Some families even make visiting Moo Cow a daily ritual on the days in between.”
Jody, general manager

Our mission is to put smiles on our customers’ faces by serving them premium and artisan ice creams made with quality, hormone-free milk.
Moo Cow Ice Cream prides itself in making creative, delicious, and sometimes quirky flavors like Moo Cow’s Famous Candied Bacon, Honey Lavender, Gorgonzola, and Honeymoon Sweet.